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If you’re seeking better health, more energy, better sleep, healing for an acute or chronic illness or pain, health maintenance, peak performance, information about qigong, or how to start a qigong movement practice of your own, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Healing with Qigong!

This site was created by Jan Tucker, level 5 Spring Forest-certified qigong healer to spread the word about the wonders of qigong and to help people get qigong healings and do movement practices.

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We’ll update things as we go to keep you current! This site will eventually be a membership site providing many benefits for your health.

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What you’ll find on this site

You can read more about qigong healings here, and apply for a remote healing if it appeals to you. You can learn about my Qigong Movement and Meditation Practices here. Follow the instructions on this page for a completely free qigong movement class if you’re a new student. Or come to an offline (live) class if you’re local. I’d love to have you join me to experience the wonders of qigong!

Check out these testimonials from my clients to understand more about qigong’s potential.

To your health!