Remote Healings

Jan performs remote qigong healings (also known as distance qigong healings) regardless of where on the globe you are located. Learn more, or schedule your initial remote healing here. Also, feel free to contact Jan for a complimentary consultation to discuss your situation and determine if you would like a healing session. Please provide your email and/or phone number in the message section on the linked page and a description of your reason for contacting her. She will be happy to speak with you or email.

A remote healing has the same benefits and produces the same effects as an in-person healing. This is because of the way energy works. Energy has no boundaries. It’s similar, in fact, to the way prayer works. It’s been proven by experiment, and described by Dr. Larry Dossy, that prayer works to revive people or plants, regardless of whether the person praying knows who or what they are praying for, and regardless of where they are located. Prayer is a transmission of thought. Thoughts are things–they are energy forms. Qigong healings work in a very similar way.

Another familiar form of energy work, Reiki, can also be performed remotely. Remote healings are becoming more commonplace.

Learn more about how remote healings work before you schedule an appointment (scroll down on the linked page below the scheduling calendar to learn more about remote healings).

Thank you!

Special Healings for Coronavirus Sufferers

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, or you have been exposed to someone with the symptoms and are isolating (whether or not you have been diagnosed with coronavirus), or if you are suffering from post-COVID symptoms, Jan has helped people with Covid, including her husband.

These are the symptoms of COVID-19:

Difficulty breathing; shortness of breath; cough; fever; tiredness; chills and body aches; inability to taste or smell; sudden confusion; pink eye (yes, pink eye–discovered in Korea); digestive issues; headache, sore throat or congestion; or some combination of these.

Click 10 key coronavirus symptoms to learn about 10 common symptoms. Click 98 Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They’ve Had to learn more about long-hauler symptoms. We’re learning more about the virus all the time.

Why Use Qigong for COVID-19?

Qigong healings give all the cells of your body the energy they need to perform optimally. They return your body to balance so the body can work better to heal itself. The healings work on your lungs, heart, the three other main body organs (and organ systems) that support the body every day, as well as on other areas to treat symptoms.

Jan will speak with you prior to your healing appointment. Qigong can give your body the best chance to repair itself because you will be giving your body the energy it needs. You are removing energy blockages that are stopping the body from working properly.

Please read the articles on this website to understand more about what Qigong is and how it works. Also click Remote or distance healing to understand how the healing works and how to prepare.

Use the contact page to reach Jan. She can also give you some techniques you can use after the healing to help prepare your body to combat the virus.

These Qigong healings are given with love and compassion. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage! The best time to start this healing is as soon as you are in the situation explained above. The sooner the better.

Ongoing Weekly Meetings for long-Covid Sufferers!

Jan created a private Facebook group you’ll want to join if you have long Covid. Every Wednesday at 9 a.m. Pacific Time we meet on Zoom to practice Qigong movements and learn energy healing techniques to rebalance the body and bring you back to health. You don’t want to miss this! It’s only existed since the end of June. This writing is two months later and participants are feeling AND looking much better. It’s the real deal. Register here and join us if you’re suffering from the many off-and-on, persistent and troubling symptoms of long-Covid! Don’t suffer alone! This is on a donation basis. NO ONE is turned away!