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Jan provides both in-person and remote (also known as distance) healings. If you’d like to schedule a healing after reading the testimonials and reading through the site, start here for in-person and here for a remote healing.

Other written testimonials for healings (remote & in-person healings are noted)

Remote healing: My name is Sue and I live just east of London in the UK.
Jan and I were swapping texts one day when she mentioned she was watching the humming birds in her garden. I responded that I was stuck on the sofa with a hot water bottle clamped to my back trying to alleviate the pain I had caused a few days before.
I had been battling to get a bamboo cane out of the ground in my garden when I pulled all the muscles in my back. The pain had ripped through me and I was having trouble walking. The pain was in the middle and lower parts of my back. The weight of my body when I slept was also having an effect on my sides just above my hips which was most apparent when I got up in the morning. I was going to the chiropractor but progress was slow.
Jan suggested a remote Qigong healing and I jumped at the chance remembering that she had healed me of a bout of influenza once when we had been together in LA. I knew she could help. We set up a time for a Zoom meeting, bearing in mind the time difference between the US and England.
Jan asked me if there was anything else I wanted to work on and I told her that I was having trouble sleeping. I was having alternate nights of sleep and sleeplessness.
Whilst Jan did her healing, I sat meditating. I felt very peaceful and was aware of a warmth in my back. After she had done her part she put on a guided Qigong meditation which continued the healing. I could feel the power of the meditation and was aware of points of energy in my back. After that I went to bed and looked forward to how I was going to feel in the morning. I had a great night’s sleep.
When I woke in the morning, I was able to sit up quite easily and realised that the pain in my middle and lower back had gone. The effect of my weight on my sides was easier, but still painful. I still found it hard moving around first thing in the morning and so asked Jan if I could have a second session which she agreed to.
After the second healing, the discomfort in my sides continues to improve quickly, considering the damage I had done. I have slept soundly ever since, which is for about a week now.
If you are considering a remote healing, with Zoom or without, I can tell you that it works!
So Thank you Jan and Qigong!
Sue G

Retired teacher, avid gardener

Remote healing: Qigong calms me and helps me to release fear and pent up stress. It helps me focus in on the healing process within myself spiritually, emotionally and physically. I think it helps with muscle tone too. I have mentioned that I had an unexpected intestinal surgery last summer which was quite shocking because I do a lot to care for myself spiritually, emotionally, relationally, physically etc. But it was allowed for me, and I sought out Qigong to help in the healing process. I believe it has gone well.

Last Thursday, I had oral surgery. Again, not what I would have chosen and also surprising and discouraging as I do a lot to care for myself with oral health too. But I have had a good recovery. I go in tomorrow for a followup visit and also with an area of concern near one of the extraction sites. I have been doing the moving of yin and yang and allowing my hands to linger in that area to pull any blockages out of there and put in Love. I do several of the other movements each morning also and at different times during the day if I am feeling unsettled.  I am wondering if you have any suggestions for me in that healing process.

Thank you Jan!

Jen Palo

In-person Healing: I kept getting this internal message that I should try qigong. I finally got the opportunity with Jan Tucker. I have been dealing with a lot of physical issues. I discovered from a scan that my whole gallbladder was filled with stones and I would have to have it removed. I got a Qigong healing from Jan Tucker, and she also showed me exercises to do to support my liver and gallbladder. I got a follow-up scan, and the result was that there was only one stone and that there was no need for surgery at this time! Needless to say I was delighted! Since then I have become a regular student in Jan Tucker’s online Qigong class, and I try to practice every day.

Sidney W.

In-person healing: I had an ear infection which caused pressure to build up in my right ear. Because of this I couldn’t hear very well out of that ear. Jan did a qigong healing session on me. During the healing session I noticed a tiny pop in my ear. I didn’t think anything about it at the time. About 30 minutes later, as I was driving home, I felt another pop and then another one. My ear continued to pop numerous times releasing the pressure that had built up. As the pressure was released my hearing improved. Within an hour my hearing was fully restored.

I’m usually hesitant to try different healing methods, but this was truly amazing.

Brenda Jahanbani

Retired business professional; Volunteer extraordinaire

In-person Healing: Jan did a session for Aric’s knee, which was about to stop him from running for his school track team. Eight months later, Aric’s mother said, “Aric’s knee is great since your healing and he had a phenomenal cross country season. He almost made the cut to go to State with the team. He has not worn his knee brace since last school year. We’re running a half marathon together in January. Thank you!”

Aric C.

High school student

Remote healing: I just wanted to give you a final update on my rib/shoulder pain. All gone! I would say the treatments were successful in supporting my body in healing itself. Thank you for your care and expertise.  It worked!
Note from Jan: Lori had fallen and developed the pain. She was on her way to Orlando from San Diego on a business trip. We started working on her pain immeidately, the day before her trip. During the flight the next day, she used a Qigong technique I gave her for back pain. Once in Orlando, I did two follow-up remote healings to solve her pain issue. She was able to work all week at her conference.
Lori B

In-person healing: “Hey there! Want to fill you in on all the medical stuff after all the processes you did…well I had a CT scan, scoping, and a bladder and kidney flushing. The conclusion from the docs—couldn’t find anything visibly or functionally wrong other than my bladder spasms—I can’t thank you enough for everything, Jan! It was amazing! No more pain either—blessing to you, friend.” Linda [note: Linda was having bladder and kidney problems, including kidney tumors.]

Linda Anderson

Certified trainer

In-person healing: “The Qigong healing you performed was very effective. It helped strengthen calmness, confidence and focus. It also enhanced an experience of being content and situated. My research work greatly improved after my first session. I will be interested in more Qigong sessions.” [Vipin brought his wife for a session when he returned for his second session, and is planning for Jan to work with his mother in India for long distance healings.]

Vipin Gupta


In-person healing: “The stiffness is gone!” [Robin walked back and forth across the room and was delighted.] “I was walking like this this morning [as he bent over and walked with pain showing on his face]. And now I have a full gate!”

Followup after he flew home: “After our session I have not had any major flare-ups, just stiffness and some very mild pain. I did not have any problems flying back home, just some stiffness handling bags. Upon my return home my doctor ordered some physical therapy which I have attended two sessions so far which seems to help. The long and the short of it is my back felt a whole lot better after our session! Thank You!” [Jan did one, 15-minute session during a conference Robin was attending with her husband. It was rushed because he was on break.]

Robin Williams

Board Certified Document Examiner, Forensic Expert Witness, BSAJ, MFS, MS, D-BFDE

Remote healings (only one was in-person): Speaking for herself and her husband (she was having chronic pain and he had a serious case of shingles): “For me, I did not have much, if any, any pain today! I was so great being able to go about my day without feeling stiff and sore. For Don, his lower back pain has subsided quite a bit. His face had good color, too.”

Following a later healing: “My wrists and the balls of my feet do not hurt! Lower back feels stronger. Hamstrings are a bit tight, but overall I feel really good!” After another session: “My hamstrings and I appreciate it!! They are better.”

Subsequent healings: “Jan has been conducting Qigong distance healing on me for several months now, and it’s been going great! Jan is a wonderful, compassionate, gifted healer who has truly made a positive impact on my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I have to say that at first I was skeptical about the distance aspect of the healing, as I was convinced a healer had to be in person to be effective. But then I tried it, and I must say, I could feel the results in a big way. Jan’s practice is to start with a phone call, providing me instructions for the session. We hang up, and then I relax and Jan goes to work- remotely. It’s amazing! Within a few hours of a healing the pain in my body parts diminishes significantly or goes away entirely. My regular sessions with Jan help to keep the energy in my body flowing through me smoothly, removing any blockages that cause pain.

I’ve seen such great results that I scheduled sessions with Jan for my husband and 87 year old father. Neither of them really believe in energy work, but they cannot deny how much better they feel after a distance healing session with Jan.

If you are experiencing bodily pain of any kind I strongly recommend you contact Jan to schedule a distance healing session. The price is super reasonable for a 30-minute session, and your body will thank you for it.”

Melissa Cantrell

Director, Program Management, ACT

In-person healings: [Al came to Jan with terrible sciatic pain running across his lower back and ‘shooting down’ his right leg. He was very upset that he could no longer be active. This pain came from long-term construction work. This is what Al said after the first visit]:
“No more pain shooting down my right leg. I just have back pain now.”

[This is what his fiance, Viola, said after Al’s second visit]:
“Al is doing really well. He’s back going to his baseball practice twice a week, bowling once a week & now he’s going to start playing pickle ball. So yes, he’s doing well! Thank you so much!”

Al Rodriguez


In-person healing performed at a health fair (not a quiet place): “I was suffering with severe low back pain. I worked with my chiropractor and did receive some relief. However, after having a healing Qi gong treatment with Jan, within a week my pain was gone! I was now able to carry my grandson and resume my life! Jan has amazing energy and is a gifted healer. Thank you Jan!!”

Karen J

Remote healing: Jan is in Calif and Robert is in Georgia: “I could feel energy and almost like pulsations in my eye and back in particular but moving through my legs and out my feet as well. WOW!!”

Robert Marcinko

Senior Clinical Research Associate, RN, BSN, Worldwide Clinical Trials

Remote healings (approximately 3): I can ride my bike again! My knee is so much better. The pain and stiffness are gone.

Thia Nevius

Fine Artist

Remote healing: “Neck still good, in spite of the fact that I wrote letters using my phone this morning, which usually makes it hurt more. My knee feels great! Thank you so much!”

Deborah Rosenblatt

Retired Montessori Teacher

Remote healing: [Jan did a session for her great niece soon after she arrived in Spain with a terrible cold (which turned out to be mono).] “Thank you so much for doing a healing session for me! I am just about to go to bed but am finding myself feeling very tranquil and optimistic about tomorrow. I think I will wake up feeling brand new. Thanks again for thinking of me, I really appreciate it!” [Her mother explained later that Madison recovered much more quickly than the other students who had mono.]

Madison Tucker


For Jan’s Online Healing with Qigong Class (60 minutes of Movements and Meditation)

You can sign up for the class here. No weekly commitment. Come when you can.

Online class: “Thank you so much for giving us a taste of qigong last night. It is everything I need right now, exercise, meditation, relaxation. The exercise gives us energy to carry us through the day and the meditation is a nice way to start the day. I definitely will be joining you at the next class. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your expertise and for caring enough to help us to be healthy.”  [After Patsy’s fifth class]: “I know this is helping me!”

Patsy T


Online class: “Such a wonderful class today. I feel so energized and serene at the same time. I have great faith that my health issues will resolve perfectly. We all so appreciate you taking the time to share your gifts with us.”

Karen J

Online class: “That was a great class, Jan. You explained everything really well. Your voice is so calming and soothing.” [After Brenda’s fourth class]: “I enjoyed the class tonight. I love the uplifting things you say during the movements. Your voice is so soothing during the meditation. You’re a natural at this.”

Brenda J

Online class: “I really felt the energy! My body got hot! I was actually sweating. Jan is amazing.” [Qigong is not a strenuous exercise—Helen’s feelings resulted from previously stagnant or blocked energy beginning to flow].

Helen G

After Sharlyn’s second online class: “Wonderful class tonight, Jan. I look forward to many more. Thank you. Slept like a baby last night. Wonderful!”

After Sharlyn’s fourth class: “Jan, I LOVE Qigong. I felt the tingling from the ball of light and fell asleep the last two weeks during the end of meditation I was so relaxed. I am thankful for you sharing this healing, positive force with us. God bless you.”

Sharlyn S

Real Estate Agent

Online class: “I LOVED your class. I’d like to include it in my workshop. Brilliant!”

A year later: “Jan’s class is making a difference for me. I am taking the 100-day challenge but in a very modified way that only takes me 7 minutes every morning. I have more energy and hardly need naps anymore. I have good energy through the evening. I’m prety shocked about that, because my energy usually fades through the evening. I still lie down to rest, for the fun of it but not with a great sense of need. I often forget to nap!

Jan is a good teacher at helping to understand how Qigong works, opening up energy channels for the body to heal itself.”
Dana Terrell

Licensed Social Worker/Therapist

Online class: “I really enjoyed the Qigong class! I felt really good this morning mentally and physically. I felt a big difference. I felt some clarity.”

Jeanette C


Online class: “Thank you for the introduction to Qigong! It was very relaxing! It reminded me a lot of yoga without the hard movements or even Tai Chi. I really enjoyed it.”

Song D

In-person class: “I heard about qigong about a year ago but couldn’t find any classes nearby. I ended up meeting Jan at one of her speaking engagements and was delighted to hear that she would be teaching classes in Temecula. Having attended some of her classes, I definitely recommend this ancient energy healing to those of you who have not tried it yet! I keep going back because I enjoy Jan’s classes so much.”

Chris M

Realtor, inventor