Thank you so much for your interest in improving your health and your life balance. I look forward to spending this very special healing time together with you!

Qigong healing’s success can be attributed to a wonderful partnership—it consists of teamwork empowered by the healer, you as the client, and your body. It takes all three to be successful. Keep reading to understand why, as well as how it works.

Give Yourself a Gift of Peace and Health

Qigong can help your body heal many types of issues

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual

It’s a superior stress-reliever. It can help you maintain optimal weight, and bring you to the point of peak performance. It can help with depression and many other emotional issues while improving your immunity for future health. Qigong can help you connect more with your inner wisdom.

Qigong works using the same principles as acupuncture, but without the needles. It works from the inside out, holistically. This means that unlike Western and other forms of medicine, it works on the root causes of your body’s symptoms simultaneously. Multiple issues can be addressed, without causing side-effects, in a single session.

Qigong can keep your body performing optimally. It is a wonderful preventive practice.

Qigong can provide incredible relief from the following issues:

  • Pain
  • Chronic or acute illness of any type (including anything from colds and sore throats to more serious, long-term illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.)
  • Emotional issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, anger, grief
  • Specific issues such as insomnia, vision, weight loss, fatigue, memory issues, and many more
  • Spiritual issues such as trusting your intuition, improved meditation, and more

Qigong prepares your body to heal itself. A session as brief as 15 minutes can provide great relief and is often enough. Jan’s sessions average 30 minutes long depending on your specific needs. Please plan 60 minutes for the initial session, as you will also listen to a guided meditation for 30 minutes following the healing.

How Qigong works

Qigong was developed, over a period of more than 5,000 years, specifically to balance all of our vital life energy and to remove all energy blockages. We have 12 major energy channels in our body, two main governing channels, and hundreds of energy points along those channels.

The key to Qigong healing is that when when we have any type of health issue (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual), it can always be traced back to one or more blockages in our energy channels. The energy is not being delivered to all the cells of the body. They are starving for nutrition and they can’t perform optimally, so the body suffers. This was discovered through traditional Chinese medicine.

Qigong removes the blockages so the body can heal itself.

The blockages are created when we don’t take care of ourselves properly (insufficient nutrition, sleep, exercise; wrong medication; accidents; stress), but more often they are created when we have negative emotions (anger, frustration, anxiety/stress, fear, depression, grief, hatred, feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, jealousy, etc.).

Did you catch that? Our emotions cause more blockages than any of the other causes combined. And blockages are THE cause of illness and other imbalances. The body/mind connection is even stronger than we realize. We can counteract our negative emotions and lack of self-care through Qigong healings.

How does distance healing work?

Think of the process of distance or remote healing as being similar to the way prayer works. We can pray for anyone anywhere—Larry Dossey, MD shares studies that prove prayer works. Later studies showed that we don’t even have to know the person we’re praying for, yet the prayer still works.

Energy healing works that way, too. Prayer energy and Qigong energy (Qi) are the same thing. We’re not creating new energy. According to Einstein, energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed. We’re all made of the same energy, and we heal using the same universal energy.

Qigong energy works from a distance, too, just like prayer.

Another way to think of distance healing is to consider the way television and radio work. We can’t see the waves of energy that result in pictures and sound when we turn on our TV or radio, but the processes still work. How they work is a mystery to most of us, but they do.

If these media didn’t exist yet and someone told you they were going to bring you a TV tomorrow that will show moving pictures, you might be skeptical that it was possible. But once you saw for yourself that the TV worked as promised, you would feel differently.

If you think about it, your digestion works but it’s not completely explainable. The same is true with the miracle of childbirth. Science has not yet defined the entire process. You don’t need to know how these things work in order for them to work. You don’t have to believe they’ll work, either. They just work. It’s the way our bodies were designed.

You don’t have to believe in or understand how Qigong works in order for it to work, either.

To schedule a Qigong energy healing session

If you have a specific issue(s) you would like Jan to address through a Qigong distance healing session from your location anywhere in the world, please schedule your preferred day and time using the calendar above. Then make a secure payment by following the prompts. We do not store any credit card or financial information on this site. You can also pay via Venmo or Zelle. Ask Jan for her contact information for either of these methods.

Note: if it is difficult for you to schedule a time, you do not need to have a specific time for your appointment (but the software requires you to schedule one, so select a time and we can modify it).

Jan will contact you after you make your appointment to understand what you need, and you can discuss your situation and alternative scheduling needs at that time. Please remember to provide Jan with your text number at that time.

Distance healings have the same effect, and work just as well as in-person healings. There is no difference. A distance healing is often more convenient because you can receive the healing from wherever in the world you are located. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home.

What to do for your distance healing appointment

If you cannot be available for your appointment at the time you scheduled, do not worry. Remember, the healing works even if you don’t know it is happening and regardless of what you are doing. Simply set your intention (as described in the next paragraph) in advance.

However, if you have an appointment and you want to relax during that time, please use the restroom prior to your appointment and simply relax wherever and however you prefer. Jan will send a Zoom link to access at the time of your session. 

Your first session will last approximately one hour. It includes the Qigong healing plus a 35-minute meditation. 

Please provide Jan with your list of issues, and your separate rating for each issue, prior to your appointment. Your rating is not a priority ranking which lists the issues in order of importance. Instead, it is a rating for the severity of each issue from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most severe. The rating is subjective, according to your own scale. It’s your perspective that is important. The purpose of the rating is to help you to track your progress over time.

As you begin to relax, about 10 to 15 minutes prior to your appointment, again set the intention for what you want your healing to accomplish. Tell the universe or your trusted guide what you would like the healing to do for you. Request that your healing be granted. Say a little prayer if you pray, or repeat an affirmation or statement if prayer isn’t your custom.

Include any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual topics you want to heal. Be specific. If you have given Jan multiple issues to work on, once you’ve made the request, focus on the main issue for a few moments, knowing that the others will also be included in the healing.

Then, prior to the start of the healing, relax and let go. You already described and asked for what you want. Now you can let go, knowing that has been recorded. When the actual healing session begins (at your appointment time), take three deep, gentle breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your nose, as you scan your body from head to toe, realizing that every part of you is present and connected—mind, body, emotions, spirit.

Jan will walk you through a relaxation at the start of your session. Visualize you are being warmed by a beautiful sun, shining its rays on you from the sky above. The rays flow gently into the top of your head and make their way slowly through your body to your feet, flooding your body as they go with a beautiful golden light and a healing warmth.

If it helps you to continue meditating, when the light reaches your toes you can start over at the top of your head. Otherwise, simply rest quietly and enjoy the relaxation. Let yourself sleep if sleep comes.

Trust that the healing will come. Feel gratitude for the gift of healing. Positive thoughts and feelings are key to your healing regardless of what healing method you are using. This is because, as you’ve probably heard, thoughts are things—they are a form of energy. This energy penetrates your body and affects all of your body cells. This is always true and that’s why positive thinking is so paramount for healing. You are participating in your own healing by thinking only positive thoughts.

When Jan has completed the Qigong session, she will quietly let you know that the guided meditation is about to begin. Please do not reply at this point—simply follow along with the guided meditation and enjoy it.

When the meditation ends, your session is complete. You can disconnect from Zoom at that point.

Please try not to drink anything or go to the bathroom within 30 minutes of the end of the meditation. Doing so will deplete some of the energy generated by the healing. If you must visit the restroom, clench your teeth while relieving yourself. This will help to make sure not all of the energy is depleted.

Jan will follow up with you within a few days.

Important points

Qigong can produce miraculous results. However, not all individuals or all problems respond immediately—particularly longer-term or more serious problems. It’s important for you to commit to participating in your healing by taking the recommended actions to improve your health.

The same is true when you work with Western medicine. Healing is a process. Remember, with Qigong, the goal is to bring balance to the body so it can do the job of healing itself. Healing can take time.

The beauty of Qigong is that it places you back in control of your health care, empowering you to access and activate your body’s innate healing capabilities. These are capabilities most of us don’t even know we have because they’ve never been explained to us. Qigong is a way of life that embodies these capabilities. It’s exciting to be able to have access to this unique and powerful healing method.

Qigong teaches that healing takes positive thinking, positive action, and the patience to persevere when required.

In most cases, your body didn’t develop illness or other problems overnight. Expecting quick fixes can set you up for disappointment and delay your healing.

Because of this, it’s important for you to communicate any concerns with Jan, and to provide updates when requested. This healing process is a two-way partnership that works best when both parties have trust and respect for each other. A cooperative relationship is important and Jan strives to create that with your help.

It’s also important for you to know that the power of Qigong lies in your body’s ability to respond. Qigong will get you back into balance so your body can heal itself. Give your body a little time and added support to do its miraculous job for you! Make sure you are eating healthy, nutritious foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables, and smaller portions of meat, fish, and poultry if you include those in your diet. Use organic foods as much as possible and make sure they are non-GMO. Eliminate red meat if possible because it has been shown to be carcinogenic. Get good, quality sleep on a regular schedule, minimize the stress in your life, and exercise. Your assigned Qigong movements DO count as exercise if you do them. Remember to think positively!

Subsequent healing sessions after the first also average 30 minutes plus a 35-minute guided meditation (recorded), depending on your needs (the actual healing can run a little longer, and sometimes shorter). The cost covers one complete session.

Jan is very conscientious about following up a day or so after your appointments, and depending on your condition, more often when needed.

In addition to the healing session, Jan will place a healing message in some water for you to drink. Have a large container of filtered or clean drinking water by your side during the healing for this purpose. Having enough water for a week will support your body’s healing process best. You can refrigerate the water, but please make sure it is room temperature when you drink it. Cold water is not good for your digestion, and it also depletes the Qi energy you worked so hard to build.

Reminder: Don’t drink any water or other liquid, or use the restroom until at least 30 minutes after your healing session. Doing so will deplete some of the energy you received during the healing. If it is absolutely necessary to use the restroom, please clench your teeth tightly while relieving yourself. This will help to hold at least some of the energy in, but again, it is best to wait if you can.

You don’t need to drink all the healing water right away. Drink it as you normally would. You can store it, sealed, in your refrigerator during the week. Let it warm to room temperature before you drink it. This is important to support the energy in your body, keeping it at a high level rather than depleting it.

When you drink, drink it slowly and consciously. Be aware of the water going down your throat. Feel it going down, and feel the energy continuing down through your stomach to the bottom of your torso. Think of the healing this water is providing you as you drink, and enjoy!

If for any reason you wish to cancel your appointment, please contact Jan 24 hours in advance in order to receive a refund OR to reschedule. Refunds will not be available within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Remember, if you are out and about during the appointment, your activity will not affect the success of your distance healing.

Thank you for taking this special time seriously.