Please scroll down on this page past the instructions AFTER YOU'VE READ THEM to order your online Qigong Movements & Meditation practice sessions with Jan Tucker.

How Qigong Movements & Meditation online works

This hour-long online Qigong Movements and Meditation practice class meets weekly—LIVE ONLINE—using Zoom.us. Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing software. We practice on Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. You can register and log in to practice from any location you want using any computer, notebook, notepad, i-whatever, or even your mobile phone if you wish. You will see and hear Jan live to follow the Qigong movements and meditation and she will see you. You'll also see the other participants who have turned on their webcams. It's a real, live class, complete with information about the benefits of the Qigong movements and a special guided Qigong meditation. Qigong movements and meditations are both key aspects of a successful Healing with Qigong practice. Exercise alone, which most people who exercise do, improves the body--but not the mind, emotions, or spirit. When we do Qigong movements, which are more powerful for the body than exercise, and then add meditation, we are improving our whole being.

How to Order

You can order your Qigong Movements & Meditation class(es) by scrolling down, but please read the following instructions carefully. They're very simple but you must do every step correctly to be able to register and attend the class smoothly. After the first time, it'll be a breeze:
  1. Once you pay for and book your class(es) below, you will receive a weekly email with a registration link for Zoom on the time and day of each class you book.
  2. MOST IMPORTANT: You must book your Qigong Movements & Meditation class(es) AT LEAST the day before the class to receive the link you'll need to attend!
  3. Be sure to watch for the emails you will receive from Jan each week for that week’s information, and your new magic Zoom link.
  4. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE LINK unless you FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS to correctly book the class a day ahead of time! Jan sends the link out manually the day before the class.
  5. Do not share the Zoom links with anyone. You purchased the link for your own private use. Thank you for understanding.
  6. You will receive a new registration link each week to log in. Old links will no longer be active. You need the new link each week (did I emphasize that enough?)     ; )
  7. The weekly email from Jan will outline everything you need to know about the class and more. Welcome to your new joyful life! We look forward to seeing you!

How to Save Money

Of course your first class is free. You can order your free class by emailing Jan: jan@healingwithqigong with I WANT TO DO QIGONG in the subject line and "One free class, please" in the content of the email. If you'd like to continue, you can order a single Qigong Movement and Meditation practice session or save money on each class by purchasing “classpacks” with multiple sessions. You will pay for your class securely either directly with your credit card or through PayPal. We do NOT store or see your credit card information. A single practice costs $12. You can pay as low as $8 per practice by purchasing 24 sessions in a class pack. There are two other class packs in between to satisfy every need (keep scrolling to see them all).

Important information about Qigong Movement and Meditation classpacks

If you purchase a Qigong movement classpack, you do not have to come to practice every week. The classpacks below specify how long you have to use all the practices. The time periods are generous. Any unused practices following that time period will be forfeited. Therefore, please note the end date of your class pack on your calendar when you purchase it and schedule as many classes as possible to ensure you use all the practices before they expire! Booking ahead can save you headaches. You can always change your bookings as your needs change.