Ecourse: De-stress Your Life Permanently (while accomplishing more)

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With this stress management course online, De-stress Your Life Permanently (while accomplishing more), you will successfully de-stress your life by participating in eight exercises. The exercises enable you to identify your stressors and understand their dynamics, giving you control over them rather than remaining at their mercy. Knowing the cause of the problem is the only way to solve it.

You will completely alter your reaction to the stressors in your life and gain a permanent leg up on managing them. With a new perspective and new deeper understanding of the dynamics of stress, you’ll never have to look back to your former stressed-out existence.

You can get this e-course in one of two ways: a self-paced version or a guided version.

By choosing the guided version, the creator of the course, Jan Tucker, yogi/author/MBA, will guide you through the exercises as you complete them, offering help and suggestions based on your input. As an unbiased outside observer, Jan will add insights you might miss if you choose to complete the exercises without her assistance. Without assistance, it’s often difficult to see nuances that can help you greatly because you are too close to your own situation.

By choosing the self-paced version, you will receive the same exercises, without any assistance as you progress through the course.

We have lots of glowing testimonials from our stress-free students

Monika O: “I don’t know how you did it, but you got me to question how my negative feelings are contributing to my stress. That’s something I can control. You’ve made a difference in my life. Thank you.”

Mark L.:  “I never heard stress described in quite the way you’ve described it. It’s incredibly helpful to take a fresh look at an old problem. Feelings I’ve bottled up for years have begun to dissipate.”

Carol L.: “This exercise helped me realize I need to take some time for myself and take my writing more seriously. I’m tired of putting up with the mediocre rather than doing what I love.”

Nancy W.: “This course has made me think so deeply. I am so happy for the new realizations it’s bringing into my life.”

Joy S.: “I can’t explain it but there is a change happening. I’ve been willing to voice my opinions when someone is stressing me without fearing the consequences. This is unusual for me. I was definitely a people pleaser.”

Here’s to a brighter, more relaxed, thoughtful, and balanced you!

How to get your course after placing your order

Regardless of which way you choose to purchase your course, self-paced or guided, once you pay for your order you will be presented with a screen labeled “Order Received.” This is your online order confirmation. The Order Details section will list the item(s) you purchased. Underneath the Stress Management Course Online item will be a note showing whether you purchased the self-paced version or the guided version. Below that will be a link you can use to download your instructions and your first exercise.

You will also receive an email from Perfect Inner Peace with the subject line, “Your Perfect Inner Peace order from [date] is complete – download your files.” This email will also contain the link to download your instructions and your first exercise.

Please save your instructions and your first exercise in a safe place on your computer where you can return to it when needed. You will only be able to download your file two times within the first 30-day period following your order date.

Once you download Exercise 1, please complete the exercise and follow the instructions on the download. You will email Jan with certain information when you have finished. When she receives your email, she will know you are ready for Exercise 2.

If you purchased the self-paced version of the course, she will email Exercise 2 to you. If you purchased the guided version, she will email you with her input to your response and Excercise 2. With the guided course, you can have a two-way exchange with Jan via email. You can send up to two emails to Jan per Exercise.

After completing each Exercise, follow the same procedure each time until you have received and completed all eight exercises.

Good luck with your results! Make sure you have some fun with this course without stressing!


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  1. Sukesh Kumar (verified owner)

    Nice way to remove all your stress.

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