Qigong Movements & Meditation Practice

  • This 60-minute LIVE Online Qigong class with Jan Tucker will:

    -energize you
  • -uplift your emotions
  • -provide healing for your body, mind, emotions and spirit
  • -boost your immune system
  • -help you sleep better & be more productive
  • -boost your immune system
  • -teach you Qigong acupressure techniques for healing many issues
  • -and lots more!

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(Scroll down further to join your first Qigong class for free--these bonuses are available to help anyone you know who has Covid or long-Covid )

1. If you or anyone you know has Covid or long-Covid, click the link below for a healing to speed your recovery. First healing $40 (normally $90).

Qigong for Coronavirus

2. Jan teaches a special weekly online class specifically to help those with long-Covid begin to heal their bodies using Qigong. Click here for testimonials from the members (see the bottom of the linked page). Click here to join the Facebook group for info about the weekly meeting.

Jan Tucker
Certified Qigong Healer/Trainer, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Jan is offering this class to all new and experienced Qigong students to help you improve your health in more ways than one--body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Gift yourself with a free class to learn how to get all the benefits mentioned above and more!

Create multiple benefits for your life.

Certified Qigong Healer/CECP


It’s happening every Wednesday at 6 pm Pacific Time

  • Everyone was born a healer--learn how to activate your inner healer
  • Energize yourself with this beautiful, powerful energy healing practice
  • Uplift your emotions--release negativity (including fear, depression, anger, etc.)
  • Heal the cause, not just the symptoms of your illnesses and other imbalances
  • Boost your immune system, with specific movements you'll learn
  • Prevent future issues by maintaining your body optimally
  • Get better quality sleep and be more productive!!
  • Learn Qigong acupressure techniques to heal specific issues including pain, stomach upset, eye problems, strokes, and much more